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Need a simpler way of managing your day-to-day HR and WHS admin?

Take a look at enableHR. It’s an inspired way to handle routine HR and WHS matters in your business. This cloud-based technology gives you all the benefits of large organisation HR and WHS capabilities, but without the hefty price tag. It’s all about using technology to your business advantage.

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Make the people part of running your business simpler

Inspire Success proudly partners with enableHR to offer you a practical, efficient and affordable way to handle HR compliance and employee engagement with ease.

With this technology at your fingertips, you can tap into a centralised platform for round-the-clock HR consistency and control. There’s everything you need to help you implement and streamline HR processes and ensure compliance with the constantly changing employment legislation landscape.


enableHR is powerful, flexible and easy to use.

Employee Lifecycle Management

Access practical tools, checklists and workflows for recruitment, induction, performance management, counselling and exit - anywhere, anytime.

HR Admin

Centralise all your employee and contractor data in one place. Lower the costs of meeting your HR and WHS employer obligations.

Volunteer Management

Manage volunteers in the same way as you manage your candidates, employees and contractors - through each stage of the engagement lifecycle.


Work Health & Safety management

Manage hazards and incidents, record consultations and develop custom policies and procedures to meet your WHS responsibilities.

Contractor Management

Optimise the engagement and management of contractors in your business and protect against sham contracting.

Easy Integration

Eliminate data duplication and unnecessary data entry through easy integration with major accounting, payroll and HRIS systems.


 3 easy ways to get on board:

  1. Purchase enableHR from us, and we’ll set up and train your users so you can manage the system yourself; or

  2. Bundle enableHR with our additional services like the design of performance management systems to make sure you get the most from the platform; or

  3. Outsource your HR management to us and receive system implementation and 24/7 on-call human resources support.





Save time and money with greater employee accountability.

Give your employees access to the data they need to perform everyday HR tasks without having to ask HR staff for help. By reducing your employees’ reliance on HR to perform administrative support tasks, you can cut costs and response times while improving HR efficiency, productivity and compliance.





Inspire Success – using technology to make

the people part of your business simpler.