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Providing Fair Work Act and Workplace Legislation Support

Workplace Legislation can be confusing, frustrating and sometimes contradictory. But get it wrong and it can be very time-consuming and expensive for your business. Inspire Success will help with your Fair Work Act questions; Conduct Better off Overall Tests; Create Individual Flexibility Agreements and assist with Employee and Contractor Agreements. Benefit from our organisational membership of Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and Australian Business Lawyers (ABL). Leverage our expertise rather than employing HR staff yourself.


We will guide you through the initial process, all it takes from you is 45 minutes! We will review:

• Which Modern Awards or other instruments apply at your place
• Your time and record keeping processes;
• What you provide to new starters;
• How you set them up when they start;
• How you manage leave;
• Your termination processes.

We will provide you with a traffic light report showing the areas where your systems are compliant (or not) and a prioritised action plan so that you know what to do first.

We will use our calculator to provide you with the confirmation that your employees are better off on your rate than on the Award rate.

The BOOT is critical for those Employers who have annualised salaries, or are not paying allowances, overtime or penalty rates.

You can have flexibility and meet your obligations - but you do need to do some work to document it.
We will protect your business from retrospective claims of overtime and non payment of penalties or allowances.

We provide all you need to document how you have varied the Modern Award that applies at your workplace.

For casual employees, part time, full time, Executive level, Sales professionals or contractors.

Get the right contract for your workplace situation - backed by Australian Business Lawyers (ABL).

Need help planning for an Enterprise Agreement? Contact us and we will help you through the process.

We want to make the people part of your business easier! We have developed many tools to assist our clients to address their Fair Work obligations! Feel free to access these tools to help get your business Fair Work Act ready or to maintain your Fair Work Compliance - FAIR WORK RESOURCES

How's that for peace of mind? CONTACT US for more details.