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Workplace Products

Now, more than ever, it is vital for any business to be compliant with the latest changes in workplace legislation. Inspire Success can help to protect the interests of your business by using professionally developed human resources policies, standard forms, checklists and best practice procedures for your human resources systems. We have options available online, in the cloud and hard copy.

Over the years of working with SME's, we have developed practical resources which are easy for you to implement and help protect your business.

From planning, recruitment and induction through to performance management, discipline and exit, Inspire Success will set you up with all the HR resources you need. Benefit from our organisational membership of Australian Human Resources Institute and partnership with enableHR.


enableHR is Australia’s leading web-based HR management solution, providing practical tools, guides, templates and workflows to manage day-to-day HR and WHS challenges for over 6000 Australian SME's. As your trusted provider of strategic and just in time Human Resource support, we use and recommend enableHR as the most innovative and cost effective tool for our clients.

Have a look at our enableHR brochure here

Small Business Staffing Manual

Do you have 5 or less employees? We have the critical systems you must have. Only what you need, practical tools to help set expectations and protect your business.

Everything you need to have compliant, practical staffing systems at your place. Located on a secure site that you can download and print out for your own manual. Incorporating the key principles of the national human resources framework and compliant with Australian workplace legislation. 


Attract                              Workplace Planning | Strategic Recruitment | Making the Offer

Is recruitment at the bottom of your 'to do' list because:

It takes up too much of your time; You don’t get enough time to do the workforce planning you need; It's hard to get the quiet time to document the job role correctly; The recruitment consultant doesn’t understand the briefing you give; You don't do much of it; The legal implications seem too hard to understand; You're worried you will be inundated with the wrong sort of applicants; Mr Right NOW seems to come along more often that Mr Right does?

Incorporate our practical systems to help identify the best way to source and secure the talent you need to meet your business objectives.

Align                   Effective Induction | Managing Progress | Professional Development

Does the new staff induction or a staff training plan get overlooked because:

It takes up too much of your time; It drags your key personnel away from their normal duties; Its hard to get the quiet time to assess the new starters; Off the shelf training is never relevant so is a waste of time and money; There are too many other things going on.

Implement our processes to set your new starters up for success and link their focus to your business goals, give them feedback and set well-defined career plans.

Engage               Work, Health & Safety | Reward and recognition | Employee feedback

Does giving staff feedback get overlooked because:

You have no time to give formal feedback; No objectives or standards have been set; The wrong targets have been set and the staff are demotivated; You feel awkward when delivering bad news; The legal implications of giving feedback are a bit scary; The union relationship is not positive so its easier not to ‘set them off’.

Our templates and procedures will help you to recognise excellence, drive performance, improve staff retention and get an edge on your competition.

Exit                      Effective planning | Performance Management | Separation

Do you have people working in your team who do not deserve their position? Is it because:

You have no time to give formal feedback; You feel awkward when delivering bad news; The legal implications of counselling and discipline are a bit scary; The union relationship is not positive so it’s easier not to ‘set them off’; You think if you leave it alone the problem may go away; It would be too difficult to manage the discipline process correctly; You don’t have the time or money or inclination to deal with the issue;
Addressing individual issues sometimes causes problems within the team and it doesn’t seem worth it.

Our processes have been proven to assist you to counsel, document and if necessary, help people leave with dignity following a fair process, while always protecting your business.


This is the perfect place to start. What a great way to make the people part of your business easier!