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Inspire Success is a team of specialist HR professionals, qualified in Strategic HR, Organisational Development and Australian Employment Law. Benefit from our organisational membership of Australian Human Resources Institute and Australian Business Lawyers. Leverage from our expertise rather than employing someone yourself.



  • Your business is growing and you need a plan for your workforce;
  • You can’t find the talent you need to help build your business;
  • You have leaders who need development before their next career move;
  • You want to find out what your people think about working at your place;
  • You have performance / behaviour issues which need to be addressed;
  • You need external expertise to investigate a workplace matter;
  • You haven’t yet implemented changes required to be Work, Health & Safety compliant.

Let us take the stress away from the people part of your business.

1. Workforce Planning

We help your people add value to your strategic plan. How many, of what type of skills/expertise do you need to meet your business goals? We will develop the metrics which will measure the outcomes of your efforts.

2. Key Talent Recruitment

Our specialists help you work out how to fill those key vacancies. Let us do it for you. Our results are second to none.

3. Performance Planning

We work within a regular schedule of reviews for your team to set goals and measure progress – really boosting productivity, building individual capability and organisational capacity.

4. Staff Surveys

Check how engaged your people are. What’s working and what’s not? Set your organisation’s baseline and measure against it, year on year.

5. Performance Management

We provide a process and the objectivity required to address performance or behavioural issues. Plan for improvement and protect the business. Avoid unfair dismissal claims.

6. Workforce Investigation

This can be one of the most stressful situation ever. We are independent and unbiased and always work in close consultation with you to find the best solution. Avoid harassment claims.

7. Business Restructure / Redundancy Management

When the only option is to downsize, we will provide advice around the staffing element; help develop the plan; communicate and deliver it; always in a way that protects the business. Ask us about our experience.

8. Work, Health & Safety

We help identify your WHS risks, develop an actionable plan and follow up progress with your people. Make sure you are WHS compliant now!