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Everything you need to have compliant, practical staffing systems at your place. Located on a secure site that you can download and print out for your own manual. Incorporating the key principles of the national human resources framework and compliant with Australian workplace legislation.


Cost effective, practical, easy to implement.


ATTRACT Identify the talent required to meet your business objectives 
Best Practice Recruitment & Selection Learn the best way to implement your recruitment and selection processes; Get tips on how to conduct the most effective behavioural interviews; Apply best practice selection principles.
Interview Assessment Form Using this form to identify 'what' you are looking for and then review your applicants against it - you are following compliant selection processes and will get the talent you need in your business. 

Fair Work Statement

It is a requirement of the National Employment Standards that all new employees receive this form as part of their on-boarding program, and for a breach of the NES, a $33,000 fine applies!
Application / Employee Details Form A practical form that ensures you have all the information you need to be able to pay your employees. Also provides clear declaration that the new employee is competent and able to fulfill the duties they have accepted.  

Casual Letter of engagement

Make sure ensure there are no surprises in the future – critical to your recruitment and selection success. 
Permanent Letter of Engagement  Get all of the details about your new starters role, their pay and their entitlements in a letter that is agreed up front. Includes provision for a position description and individual flexibility agreement.  
ALIGN Link roles to business goals and well defined career plans
Best Practice Training & Development  Learn how to align your people and their work focus with your business processes; Get tips on how to conduct the most effective induction program. 
Induction Checklist A practical checklist for setting up and running your induction. 
Code of Conduct These are the guidelines for doing things at your place – what is acceptable (and what is not). An integral part of the induction and management of your people.
Leave Policy  Including this as part of your induction program will minimise the amount of unexplained absenteeism in your business. Set the standards up front and then use it to manage attendance.
Leave Application Form A form to record requests, and then calculate the payments and accruals if you have a manual system. 
Timesheet / Pay Slip Record keeping requirements have changed. Use this timesheet to keep track of the ordinary and additional hours your employee works. Doubles as a pay slip if you are doing a manual payroll
Policy Agreement All of your induction information is recorded here, and your new starter signs to acknowledge that they know and understand it. Often important if all does not go well.
WorkCover Retail Publications  An extensive resource - most of which is free or low cost. Great to review according to your industry for what applies at your place. 
ENGAGE  Get more from your people through recognising excellence and driving performance 
Best Practice Performance Management  Learn the best way to give and receive feedback from your new starters AND your existing staff; Get tips on how to conduct the most effective performance discussions.
Probation Review Form Start them off on the right foot with a 6 week review during probation. This gives them time to improve and manage your employment risk! .
Performance Review  We like to review everyone for 30 minutes every 3 months. This is a great tool to recognise excellence and make a plan for poor performers.
EXIT Help people leave with dignity following a fair process 
Best Practice Discipline & Counselling Learn the best way to have those difficult conversations; Get tips on how to record the key details and plan for the business possible outcomes for your employees and the business.
Counseling Form Follow due process – dot your I’s and cross your T’s, but most importantly protect your business!
Small Business Fair Dismissal Code A fair and transparent process is key and this one is provided by the Fair Work Ombudsman.